Meet The Team

Derek Gehl

Chief Igniter & Founder

Derek is our Chief Entrepreneur & Founder here at Freelancer Alliance. He lives in West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (yes, black bears) and he has been a Digital Entrepreneur since 1997.

As Head Strategist and Instructor, if you’re in our Ignited Academy you’ll no doubt hear from him; everything you learn and implement has been personally created by Derek!

To give you an insight into Derek’s personal life away from Project Ignite, he likes entrepreneurs who never give up, digital businesses (in case it wasn’t obvious!), mountain biking… downhill or uphill (doesn’t matter which as long as he’s on a bike in the wilderness somewhere!), backcountry skiing, and optimistic people who think BIG.

Derek doesn’t like get-rich-quick con-artists, entitled idiots, people you think you are ‘lucky’ once you’ve built a successful business (cuz it ain’t bloody luck!), and cauliflower… seriously, it sucks.

Derek can juggle. Weird, right?!

Coralynn is our our Chief of Membership & Account Management here at Freelancer Alliance. She lives in West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (yes, there’s those black bears again!). Coralynn is Derek’s beautiful wife and was his CFO before she joined him in marriage almost a decade ago!

Coralynn handles all billing, membership and account related issues plus she’s picked up some ninja video editing skills along the way and has personally edited and produced many of the videos you are watching here today.

She has been involved with the digital businesses for a VERY long time, so anything that’s worth knowing, Coralynn is your person!

Some inside knowledge on Coralynn… she likes mountain biking, red wine, coffee and shoes.

She doesn’t like Derek complaining about how many shoes she has (there’s a hint in there, Derek!).

Coralynn was the North Thompson Fall Fair Queen in the town she grew up in when she was 17!

Derek Gehl

Chief Of Membership & Account Management

Chuck Anderson

Head Of Ignited Coaching

Chuck is our Head of Ignited Coaching here at Freelancer Alliance. He lives in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada and is our Chief Coach for Ignited Academy. He has been a digital entrepreneur since 1999, with numerous successful digital businesses under his belt.

Chuck specializes in niche market development, email marketing, conversion and paid traffic, and also lends a hand to our member support and webinars. He is a goldmine of expertise!

To help you know Chuck a little better, he likes hockey, soccer, rugby, camping (in an RV, not a tent!), public speaking, reading self help books and supporting children’s charities.

He doesn’t like rude people, liars, waiting in line or giving up on a worthwhile goal.

Chuck is planning to travel the USA in an RV to enter BBQ competitions!

Dennis is our Director Of All Things Technical & Design here at Freelancer Alliance and lives in Lipa City, Philippines. He is an absolute WordPress guru, and has a rare blend of design and technical skills – he really is the brains behind the entire infrastructure!

So when Derek has an idea (of which he has many) Dennis is the guy that can turn the technical side of his ideas into a reality!

Dennis handles and manages everything related to member websites including training, support, design… and fixing all of the stuff we break ????

Here are Dennis’s top likes & dislikes… he likes going on adventure trips – think mountain hiking, island hopping, and being a local tourist; he loves photography, history movies and documentaries.

He doesn’t like noisy places, huge social gatherings, and has a phobia against frogs and slimy animals.

Dennis can sleep for 48 hours straight if nobody wakes him up!

Dennis Gutierrez

Director Of All Things Technical, WordPress & Design

Jinghong Chiu

SEO Guru

Jinghong “Pika” Chiu is our our SEO guru here at Freelancer Alliance and lives in Singapore. He is a Master of all things SEO and outsourcing, and is our resident instructor for SEO.

Jinghong started his Internet Marketing career as a student of Derek Gehl, which in turn created a fire in his belly to be a successful Internet Marketer with a focus on Search Engine Optimization; I think it’s safe to say he has exceeded that goal!

Some fun facts about “Pika”… he loves to travel, teaches maths and plays video games (and he beat Derek at Street Fighter, definitely worth noting). Chocolates are his favourites (especially the ones from Belgium, Switzerland and Canada)!

Jinghong dislikes getting up at 6.30am for a video conference (I think there’s a hint there!) ????

Jinghong pronounces ‘three’ as ‘tree’ and mistakenly said PS-tree when he was making a PS3 video for YouTube, which now has 460,000+ views due to people loving his mispronunciation.

Cindy is our Academy Support Director & Jack of All Trades here at Project Ignite. She lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and is really the glue that holds us all together.

Cindy looks after everything to do with our members; think of that person who is the much loved ‘mother’ in the group – ensuring everyone has what they need, knows the answer to every question, and can single handedly catch any ball thrown at her with a moment’s notice. That’s Cindy!

To help you get to know Cindy, she likes chocolate, musicals, sake/wine, comedies, teamwork, being positive and working online.

She doesn’t like potholes, sour fruits, creepy crawlies and uncomfortable clothes.

Cindy took part in the Vidal Sassoon hair show in Kuala Lumpur!

Cindy Loke

Academy Support Director & Jack Of All Trades

Consuelo Babas

Social Media Diva

Cons is Freelancer Alliance's Social Media Diva and she is the community’s very own Miss Congeniality and Resident Cheerleader. She lives in Quezon City, Philippines.

From a 20-year career focused on traditional brand and product marketing, she was curiously fascinated by the digital world and started to explore it. She got to attend Derek’s seminar in Manila and that launched her journey towards becoming a digital entrepreneur while pursuing a consultancy career in social media marketing.

You’ll see Cons actively nurturing and engaging with everyone inside Project Ignite’s Facebook Groups while she looks after other behind-the-scene tasks related to social media.

Cons loves dogs, enjoys motivating people and has a passion for writing. She absolutely dislikes slackers and people who bully or put others down.

Cons portrayed Liza Minelli and Sleeping Beauty in grade school.